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Unarmed Security Personnel in Houston

For unarmed security guards, Houston calls on 24/7 Security. Our guards provide an active response to emergency situations. With a focus on de-escalation and visibility, we actively deter crime on your site. Call 713-247-9093 to schedule a security assessment.
Whether you own a business or manage a site, you are responsible for the safety of employees, equipment, and merchandise. Moreover, people rely on you to protect visitors, customers, and guests. No one should ever take these duties lightly.
unarmed security guards houston
With unarmed guards, you have an effective way to protect those people and assets important to your business. At 24/7 Security, we provide Houston area businesses with licensed, trained, and qualified unarmed security guards. Houston business owners count on our team for peace of mind, and we deliver.
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Armed or Unarmed Security Guards? Houston Has Options

Oftentimes, business owners believe the only solution to a security threat is an armed guard. However, that’s not always true. There are many reasons that businesses opt for unarmed personnel.
Moreover, unarmed security guards often mean a better match for your needs. As a trusted Houston security company, we work with you to determine the best security strategy for your business. We work to identify your challenges and provide solutions that meet your unique needs.
Whether you run a retail store or a construction site, we ensure that you receive the most effective solution for your budget. Call 713-247-9093 today for a personalized assessment.

What Option Is Best for You?

Unsure whether you would benefit from armed or unarmed security guards? Houston business owners have much to consider when it comes to security. Often, your security strategy is a major decision.
Moreover, it’s a big part of your budget. That means your decision is critical. At 24/7 Security, our specialists work with you to determine whether armed or unarmed security personnel is the right choice for you.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself.
Did you respond no to the above questions? Unarmed security personnel might be the solution for you. With unarmed security guards, Houston businesses have an effective and practical option for security.

Who Benefits from Unarmed Security Personnel?

At 24/7 Security, we are a leading provider of unarmed security guards in Houston, TX. With outstanding training and an effective methodology, we help business owners secure sites of all sizes.
Often, unarmed personnel provides the perfect level of security for a broad range of sites.

Security Solutions Houston Relies On

Across the Greater Houston Area, 24/7 Security is the premier provider of private security. Backed by experience and expertise, our guards undergo advanced training from veterans with special forces experiences.
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For unarmed security guards, Houston businesses rely on our company. When you partner with our team, we work with you to provide a security solution that meets your needs. Whether you own a business, manage a residential building, or supervise a construction site, unarmed guards help you ensure a safer environment.
Are you ready to protect your business with elite, experienced unarmed security guards? Contact our specialists today. In your assessment, we help you determine the best security solutions for your needs and budget.
Call 713-247-9093 for a quote today.