Industrial Facility Security Houston Relies On

When it comes to industrial facility security, manufacturers face some unique risks. Across the United States, one of the most significant risks in industrial facilities is workplace violence. Between heightened turnover and staffing shifts, sites are often left vulnerable. Often, the mere presence of armed or unarmed security guards helps to decrease the frequency of security issues.  

Any facility manager knows that an essential aspect of their job is to ensure the safety and security of employees and the facility itself. For private security, Houston businesses trust 24 & 7 Security & Investigations. 

Backed by experience and expertise, we offer professional, reliable security services that elevate the safety of your assets. As a 24/7 security company, we understand the risks you face. When you partner with our team, we work to restore your peace of mind.

Facility Security Services

With a thorough security assessment, we help to evaluate your site. From there, we identify potential risks and threats. Moreover, we help you identify personalized solutions to address them. 

With every solution we recommend, our goal is to provide the biggest impact. When it comes to industrial facility security, here are just a few of the solutions we offer.

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Industrial Facility Security That Works For You

Industrial Facility Security Houston Businesses Count On

Before we begin our operations, we work with you to develop a security plan that ensures the safety of your assets. Every year, manufacturers face substantial losses from external and internal threats. Often, this stems even from trustworthy employees. 

These losses have a direct impact on the profitability of your facility. With industrial facility security, Houston has a resource to prevent these threats. 

Additionally, many manufacturers face the risk of trade secrets, threats to the perception of their brand, and their reputation in the marketplace. At 24 & Security, we understand these risks. 

Our goal is to assist you to ensure you protect your employees and assets. With a thorough assessment, we identify both internal and external threats to your facility. 

With personalized security solutions, we help to mitigate risks, reduce instances of theft, and prevent other losses. Often, this directly results in sustained profitability and maximized employee collaboration.

A Security System That Works

At 24 & 7 Security & Investigations, we are a premier provider of private security. With defined processes and remote monitoring, we ensure our guards are always on the move. Moreover, we ensure our guards receive extensive training from special forces veterans. 

Through advanced reporting, we also ensure we review every aspect of your facility to ensure we deliver consistent, quality service. That’s why our industrial facility security solutions are reliable and comprehensive.

24/7 Security That Works For You

Call On the No-Sleep Guards!

Oftentimes, facility security guards play an essential role in the safety and security of your site. Moreover, with the right partner, you have guards who build relationships with your employees and management team. 

At 24 & 7, we implement technology to ensure our security personnel are the No-Sleep Guards we guarantee. With real-time, GPS based tracking of guard activity, we ensure responsive/active guards.

We train our officers to identify signs of theft, vandalism, and other acts of crime. From there, we train them to de-escalate the situation and mitigate risks. In addition to patrols, we can also work with any surveillance system you have in place. 

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