Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile Security Patrols Houston Trusts

At 24 & 7 Security, we offer mobile security patrols Houston businesses trust. With guards in clearly marked security vehicles, we patrol our clients’ sites within a specific geographic area. This allows us to respond to alarms quickly and conduct regular patrol inspections.

With remote monitoring, our HQ frequently checks in on guards to ensure they stay in motion. An active presence on your site means peace of mind for you and the protection of your business.

Mobile Patrol: Security When & Where Required

If your business requires security across your site, 24/7 Security & Investigations provides mobile security patrols Houston relies on. Moreover, we tailor our offerings to meet the needs and budget of your business. As such, we offer a broad range of services to ensure you gain the peace of mind you need. We strive to promote confidence that your property, assets, employees, and guests remain safe and secure at any time of day. With mobile security patrols, you have an effective, budget-friendly security service.
At 24/7 Security, we provide mobile patrol for an array of industries, including construction sites, residential communities, commercial properties, parking lots, and more. As a trusted security company in Houston, we pride ourselves on personalized service to meet your security needs 24 hours a day.

24 & 7 Security That Works For You


The Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

With fast-acting, reliable mobile security patrols, Houston businesses gain the confidence that comes from knowing their property is secure. Oftentimes, the visible presence of security is enough to prevent vandalism, deter theft, and increase the feeling of safety.
When we deploy mobile patrol units in combination with other security measures, they are highly effective. Moreover, should something happen, our guards have training from veterans with extensive training and experience. Back by the knowledge of special forces training, our team knows how to assess and address any concerns.
Additionally, our mobile security patrols offer the following benefits to your property.

Alarm Response

If a security alarm goes off, our mobile patrol units respond quickly and effectively. First on the scene, they assess the security threat and work to mitigate any potential danger. When the situation requires law enforcement or emergency responders, our team works on your behalf to communicate the details. Moreover, we work with local professionals to achieve a swift resolution. Additionally, mobile patrols ensure that alarms are reset and in working order once the situation is handled.

Highly Visible Preference

For many business owners in the Greater Houston Area, one of the main concerns is the threat of crime. With our mobile security patrols, Houston businesses have regular inspections of their premises. This aids in the prevention of theft, loitering, trespassing, vandalism, and other nuisances. Moreover, our mobile patrol units make scheduled and random patrols to deter potential criminal activity. With remote monitoring, our HQ ensures your guards are never in one place for too long.

Locking & Unlocking Services

With a mobile security guard, you have someone to help ensure the security of gates, entrances, and restricted areas. To do so, we offer locking and unlocking services. With these services, we secure an array of areas on your property, including pools, common areas, gate entrances, and offices with specific hours.

Additional Benefits

With clearly marked mobile patrol guards, we make our presence known one your site. Moreover, we leverage technology to provide additional benefits as well as thorough reporting.

Properties that Benefit from Mobile Security Patrol in Houston

When it comes to mobile security patrols, Houston property owners see a tremendous benefit for different types of properties. When you have a location that requires a large area for our security guards to patrol, or one with limited access to sidewalks, this might be the solution for you. 

Parking Lot Security: Lots, Garages, and Parking Structures

When you have periods of reduced activity in your lot or structure, a mobile security officer helps to deter criminals. This protects the assets of your employees, guests, clients, and more. When you partner with our Houston security guard company, we aim for the following. 

  • Prevention of vehicle theft
  • Promoting safety for your customers and employees as they return to their vehicles 
  • Deteration of vandalism

Apartments & Communities

Whether you have a gated community, sprawling apartments, or condos, a camera system only does so much. When it comes to people’s homes, everyone wants peace of mind. With our mobile security guards, you help promote peace of mind for your tenants or community. 

Our security guards maintain an irregular schedule to avoid criminals clocking routes. As they move through the property, they scan the area for criminals, vandals, and burglars. Our officers drive marked vehicles with flashing lights in order to drive off the wrong visitors. 

Together, we can build a safer city that protects its people.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are a hotbed of criminal activity when people believe there’s no one around. Unwelcome guests sabotage projects, deface sites, and steal tools and materials. Oftentimes, these results in expensive headaches. 

To avoid these costs, contact our team for a mobile security patrol Houston businesses trust. Our team conducts regular and irregular surveillance of your site during your off-hours. While foot patrols are a common solution to site security, larger projects often require vehicle patrols. 

When you have a large area to cover, our security specialists offer a personalized solution to help you protect your assets. Deter vandals and criminals with experienced, skilled mobile security patrols.

Shopping Centers & Strip Malls

At shopping centers and strip malls, there’s a consistent flow of individuals. Often, they have bags or carts packed with expensive products. Thieves understand this, which is why these properties are a common target. 

With our mobile security guards, you have keen eyes watching over your shoppers, guests, and visitors. Operating marked vehicles, they deter and stop potential crime to foster a safer environment for people to shop without having to look over their shoulders. 

Additionally, mobile security patrols help to reduce the number of break-ins that occur, minimizing damage to property with rapid response to alarms.