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Private Investigations in Houston, TX

For a private investigator Houston residents rely on, contact 24 & 7 Security and Investigations. More than a security company, we conduct private investigations throughout the Greater Houston Area.

As licensed private investigators, our security personnel offer a resource that Houston residents need. We work with you to develop an action plan that meets your needs and solves your case. Backed by experience and expertise, we conduct investigations for clients across sectors.
Whether you need to prove someone faked an injury or confirm the cause of an incident, hire a private investigator Houston trusts. We offer a broad range of investigative services. Our goal is to empower our clients to deal with a crisis effectively and efficiently.
At 24/7 Security, we handle every case with professionalism and tenacity. We respect your need for privacy and hold every discussion in strict confidence.
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Hire a Private Investigator Houston Depends On

At 24/7 Security & Investigations, we specialize in due diligence, defense investigations, surveillance, and background investigations. We commit ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. Our goal is to empower our clients no matter how large or small the investigation is.

Surveillance Services

We assist individuals and businesses when they need to monitor persons or property. Whether you require photographic evidence or video documentation, we monitor the target of your efforts. Oftentimes, surveillance applies to loss prevention, infidelity, employee integrity, and insurance fraud claims.
With a licensed private investigator, Houston residents have access to our extensive experience. Moreover, our team has extensive special forces training. This offers our team a unique perspective to assess and identify security risks.

Litigation Support and Evidence

Oftentimes, private investigations help both criminal defense attorneys and civil litigation attorneys. From locating witnesses and conducting interviews to obtaining relevant evidence, our investigators are diligent. Additionally, we provide courtroom testimony to verify our findings.

Missing Persons

When a loved one goes missing, it’s important to throw everything at an investigation and exhaust all resources. With a private investigator, Houston families have an experienced professional. We strive to determine the whereabouts of a missing person.
Alternatively, we determine whether foul play was involved in their disappearance. Whether you want to locate an old acquaintance or solve an unexplained disappearance, count on the experience and expertise of our team.
Oftentimes, locating a missing person is an emotionally draining challenge. That’s why you need the assistance of a dedicated professional.

Asset Investigations

With our reliable asset investigations, we discover and divulge the financial profile of a business or individual. Oftentimes, this is especially useful in matters that require litigation. With a private investigator, Houston residents have access to someone to untangle the webs of relationships. 

At 24 & 7 Security & Investigation, we have the skills and tools necessary to locate hidden assets. When we do, we help our clients understand the breadth of their situation. Additionally, we work with attorneys to assist in obtaining judgments. 

No matter your need for an asset investigation, our team is ready to help.

Spouse Infidelity / Cheating Partner

Rarely will someone accuse their spouse of infidelity without a reason. No one wants to damage their relationship unless there’s a good reason to explore such an intimate subject. When you suspect your partner is cheating, it’s likely that you noticed a sign or hint. 

Here are a few of the possible signs of spousal infidelity. 

  • Your partner becomes distant or impersonal. 
  • Phone records reveal suspicious activity. 
  • Credit card statements show strange transactions. 
  • Your partner becomes more private and defensive about their schedule. 

While these are legitimate signs of spouse infidelity, they don’t indicate anything on their own. In many cases, there are other possible explanations behind unexplained actions or a change in mood. When you want to be sure, it’s crucial to work with a private investigator Houston trusts. 

If you want to find the truth, call on our team for help.

Nanny/Childcare Investigations

When you entrust another person with the well-being and safety of your child, it’s normal to have doubts. How do you know whether you made the right decision? Is your child receiving the care they deserve? 

For a parent, there’s nothing more important than their children. As such, it’s crucial to never dismiss any suspicions as mere paranoia. Any loving, concerned parent has the right to peace of mind. You deserve the reassurance that comes with knowing that your child is in good hands. 

With our private investigator, Houston parents have access to a thorough background check for any nanny or childcare professional. While many childcare providers are well-intentioned humans, it only takes one cruel person to cause a tragedy. 

To work with a private investigator Houston trusts, call on 24 & Security today. 

Due Diligence

With the right private investigator, Houston businesses and individuals know exactly what they’re getting into. Through due diligence, we systematically evaluate and identify risks. Whether it’s a proposed transaction or a pending job offer, we separate fact from fiction. 

Through our investigations, we prove the facts of the case to determine their value, credibility, and usefulness. When you face an importation decision, hire a private investigator Houston relies on for thorough work. 

Our team is ready to provide a background investigation to assess the reputation of potential partners in a business endeavor. Moreover, we can conduct an assessment of a company’s assets, previous involvement in litigation, and any other relevant information.

Hire a Private Investigator Houston Trusts

With broad experience in private investigations and diverse areas of expertise, we meet the needs of Houston communities. Moreover, we have a strong reputation for providing comprehensive documentation. Whether you need evidence to support your case or a simple background check, trust a professional. We provide our clients with peace of mind because we root out the facts necessary for them to make informed decisions. With a private investigator, Houston residents take solace in the fact that they have an experienced, reliable professional.
Our team knows how to handle a range of investigations and has the patience to get the job done right. For a consultation, call 713-247-9093 today.