Houston Parking Lot Security

In Houston, parking lot security guards play a very important role for both businesses, employees, and customers. Oftentimes, a property manager is quick to consider the security of the immediate property, inside and out. However, they often forget how dangerous parking lots and parking structures can be. 

Unfortunately, parking areas are hotbeds of criminal activity. From theft and vandalism to assault, people are often vulnerable in these spaces. 

Additionally, some studies show that 1 out of 10 property crimes occur in parking garages, lots, and other similar structures. These alarming statistics show how crucial it is to employ Houston parking lot security your business can rely on. 

For a thorough assessment of your security, contact the team at 24 & 7 Security & Investigations. Let our security specialists develop a personalized plan for your business.

Parking Lot Patrol in Houston, TX

For anyone who manages a commercial property, apartment complex, shopping center, or other property with a parking area, it’s crucial to understand how vulnerable your tenants or guests are. Without proper security, you leave people at risk in your parking areas. Moreover, this leaves your business liable for anything that occurs on your property. 

With our parking lot patrol guards, Houston businesses have a way to protect their best interests. 

Backed by expertise and experience, we have a trusted team of security guards ready to meet the needs of businesses across the Greater Houston Area. Our guards receive thorough training from special forces veterans who pass on expertise for situational awareness, de-escalation, and security. 

Our GPS-based guard tracking software also has the capacity to log license plates, suspicious vehicles, and more. This keeps all guards assigned to the contract informed on these vehicles which results in quicker action for towing or the involvement of law enforcement; all of which makes your property far more secure.

Whether you need armed patrols, unarmed guards, or mobile patrols, our team is ready to help. When you need expert Houston parking lot security, contact the team at 24 & 7 Security.

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Is Your Parking Lot Safe?

parking lot security guards houston tx

Unfortunately, parking areas leave people vulnerable to an array of crimes and illegal activities. Too often, we hear stories of employee muggings as they leave the office late at night or smashed windows on vehicles as residents sleep. Any property owner knows how important it is for people to feel safe. 

With our Houston parking lot security specialists, you and your tenants gain peace of mind. Moreover, you better your reputation throughout Houston. 

Parking structures and lots are rarely secure. Open to the public, they are a frequent target of bad actors on the search for easy prey. When you partner with our security team, the mere presence of parking lot patrols helps to deter crime but more importantly, partnering with a company that utilizes state-of-the-art guard tracking and detailed daily activity reporting ensures that you will always know that they are on the job.

Potential Risks

Here are some common security threats in parking areas. 

Houston Parking Lot Security Services

At 24 & 7 Security, we built a strong reputation by providing professional security guards and personalized security solutions. We set a new standard for the industry with our No Sleep Guards, monitored with GPS devices to ensure they are always on patrol. 

We build checkpoint tours that require photo documentation within specific time frames and record their GPS locations throughout their shifts. Each morning you receive an easy-to-read daily activity report which shows all the security guard activity throughout the night. Moreover, we provide our team with the resources necessary to address any concern that arises.

A Higher Standard of Training

Trained by special forces veterans, our security guards receive high-quality training to ensure they are reliable in the field. For Houston parking lot security solutions, we strive to ensure our team is efficient and effective. 

With our personalized approach to security guard solutions, we ensure our services meet your needs and budget. When you work with our 24/7 security team, you quickly see that we are anything but a cookie-cutter solution. 

We work with you to schedule our guards according to your needs. From there, our goal is to help you and your tenants, employees, and customers find peace of mind. To learn more about our personalized security solutions, schedule an assessment with our team. 

Parking Lot Enforcement & Management

24 & 7 Security That Works For You

What Are the Benefits of Houston Parking Lot Security?

With Houston parking lot security solutions, you provide peace of mind for your employees, tenants, or customers. Often, the presence of security guards helps to show them that the company cares about their safety. They gain a sense of confidence as they leave the property. 

Moreover, guards are able to escort individuals to their vehicles if the potential of a threat presents itself. The mere presence of professional security guards helps to deter crime as well. Typically, these bad actors are less likely to target an area with a consistent guard presence. 

It shows that you take your security seriously, making it more difficult for them to get away with anything. Additionally, with mobile patrols, you have an opportunity to cover large areas in an irregular, unpredictable pattern. 

Lastly, you ensure that everyone follows the rules and standards you set forth. Every business has a preferred set of rules to help things run smoothly. With dedicated Houston parking lot security, you have a team to help you enforce those rules when you cannot. 

From preserving reserved spots to maintaining a standard of safety, you foster a peace of mind that helps your business thrive.

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Safety and security are a top priority for any business owner. To foster and maintain a secure parking area, you need the top Houston parking lot security team on your side. At 24 & 7 Security, we offer personalized security solutions that work. 

With highly trained guards on your property, you provide protection your personnel can depend on. Contact our team today to schedule a thorough on-site security assessment.