Houston School Security Guards & Campus Protection

For any educational institution, the safety of students, faculty, and administration is your highest priority. Campus protection is an essential service, and our Houston school security guards have the experience and expertise you need. 

With the recent passing of House Bill 3, schools now require armed security personnel. At 24 & 7 Security, we provide trained armed security guards to organizations across the Greater Houston Area. Our goal is to ensure safety and peace of mind for everyone who sets foot on your campus. 

Led by Owner Joe Orsak, our security team understands the special nature of campus protection. Joe spent 5 years as a teacher and spent 5 years on a school board. He fully understands the challenges administrators face from a security and budgetary perspective.

With security training by special forces veterans, alarm response, and active remote monitoring, our guards set a higher standard for safety. Let our team help you foster a safer atmosphere that allows your faculty and students to focus on education. 

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Professional Security For the Safety of Students & Faculty

Educational Institutions We Service

Any educational institution can benefit from a professional, reliable school security guard in Houston, TX. No matter the size of your campus, we are ready to provide a tailored security solution that meets your needs. 

  • Public Schools: Elementary school, middle school, high school
  • Private Schools: Elementary school, middle school, high school 
  • Universities & Colleges 
  • Community Colleges 
  • Technical Schools
  • Trade Schools 
  • Medical Schools

School & Campus Protection Services

Every campus is different, and we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your students and faculty. Below are some of the campus security services we offer to educational institutions. 

Public & Private Campus Protection

With a campus protection officer from our team, you have a reliable guard to provide protection for everyone on campus. One of the core benefits of working with our team is that your security guard receives comprehensive training from special forces veterans. Equipped with remote monitoring devices, our team is always on the move to provide a consistent presence across your campus. 

Special Event Services

Whether you have a school dance, a fundraiser, or a stadium full of fans, a proper security plan provides a greater sense of peace. Our team has extensive experience managing security for events of all sizes. 

Specialized campus event security includes: 

  • Administrative concern mitigation
  • Controlled entry 
  • Crowd communication
  • Crowd management
  • Loss prevention
  • Personnel protection
  • Security searches 
  • Traffic flow management 
  • Ushers

24 & 7 Security is a leading provider of campus protection. We have decades of experience with event security and personnel protection. Every guard in our employ has a skillset dedicated to the protection of the public. 

Reliable School Security Guards in Houston, TX

When you need campus security guards, you need personnel that you can trust. At 24 & 7 Security, we understand how crucial it is to provide a heightened sense of safety on any campus. Through routine patrols and crowd management, we provide an active presence focused on the safety of students, faculty, administrative staff, and guests. 

We have experience working with organizations of all sizes. We can provide armed guards and school resource officers who can integrate into your school community to provide peace of mind.

To learn more about our specially trained Houston school security guards, schedule an assessment with our team. Whether you need the consistent presence of a single guard or a team to manage event security, we can tailor a solution that works. 

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We are a comprehensive source for armed school officers in the Greater Houston Area. Every guard in our service receives hands-on training in a variety of disciplines. Backed by special forces training, our guards provide unmatched protection that meets the needs of our clients. From personnel security to full campus protection, we are ready to provide your students, parents, and staff with the peace of mind they deserve. 

24 & 7 Security prides itself on the quality of services it provides to organizations across Houston and the surrounding areas. We utilize every resource available to us to accomplish a higher security standard. Contact us today at (713)-247-9093 for more information.