Executive Protection in Houston, TX

Risk Mitigation & Security for VIPs and High-Net-Worth Individuals

For reliable executive protection in Houston, TX, public figures and high-net-worth individuals partner with 24 & 7 Security & Investigations. Often, the careers, affiliations, and status of VIPs expose them to a heightened level of personal risk. With proper assessment and planning, our experienced security personnel protects these individuals from financial, physical, and reputational harm. 

As security professionals, we provide protective services to high-profile VIPs to mitigate risks and ensure their safety. With discreet, trained professionals, you gain protection and peace of mind. Backed by experience and expertise, our specialists are committed to professionalism, discretion, and safety. 

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Executive Protection Services

Today, high-profile individuals and global executives face unprecedented risks. These risks require both immediate, on-the-ground response as well as thorough planning, coordination, and management. At 24 & 7 Security, our executive protection team provides protective services supported by situational awareness, reconnaissance, and emergency response.  

Under the umbrella of protective escorts, we include a broad, flexible range of services, which we tailor to your needs. 

  • Protective escort between locations
  • Armed escorts to mitigate risks
  • International escort for executives, celebrities, and diplomats 
  • Reconnaissance and clearance for routes and venues 
  • High-threat protection
  • Corporate VIP and celebrity protection 
  • Armed vehicle transportation

Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services

Thorough Planning for Peace of Mind

24 & 7 Security offers executive protection in Houston, TX, with specialization in risk assessment and mitigation, threat analysis, confidential operations, and secure transportation. This allows us to protect people as well as their information and reputation. 

We maintain a heightened standard of protection consistent with rigorous security planning established by world-class agencies and backed by training from special forces veterans. With protective services, our goal is to personalize our tactics in order to mitigate interruptions and risks, minimizing public exposure.

executive protection houston
houston executive protection services

Depending on your specific needs, our trained professionals identify your threat profile and compile a personalized security plan. 

  • Advanced site surveys 
  • In-depth risk assessments 
  • Reconnaissance and verification 

Our team works collectively to provide each client with the highest standard of care. With experienced armed officers and drivers, you gain the peace of mind needed to focus on your objectives.

24/7 Security to Secure Your Assets

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Whether you are a visiting dignitary, a high-net-worth celebrity, or a local executive, our security plans account for the busy, public lives our clients tend to lead. With unobtrusive, discreet protective services, we help you attain your goals by ensuring minimal interruption to your schedule. Our team is trained and experienced with de-escalation and intervention to ensure safety. 

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about executive protection in Houston, TX, and beyond. Once we learn more about your needs, we work to provide a personalized plan designed to mitigate risk and protect you from financial, personal, and professional harm.

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