On-Site Security Assessment

On-Site Security Assessment: Are Your Assets Secure?

With an on-site security assessment from 24 & 7 Security & Investigations, you gain a full-scale view of your site. Our security specialists conduct a detailed exploration of your site to find weaknesses, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Moreover, we provide recommendations on how to address these concerns. 

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What is a Security Assessment?

A security assessment is a great way to evaluate your current security measures. Moreover, it’s your first step to improving your property or business. Additionally, it’s a great way to gain expert advice on a specific security issue. 

During your assessment, our specialists examine every aspect of your property. We conduct our on-site security assessment in 2 parts to ensure we’re thorough. 

  • Daytime Assessment
  • Nighttime Assessment

In both parts, we identify weaknesses as well as personalized solutions for your business. Then, we identify potential shifts that can improve the efficiency of your security program. 

  • Identification and analysis of risks 
  • Assessment of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Review of site security measures 
  • Analysis of local crime data, including the history of loss, calls for law enforcement, and crime forecasts 
  • Review of operating procedures 
  • Assessment of architectural and physical security
  • Review of electronic systems 
  • Review of policies, procedures, and personnel
  • Evaluation of current program 
  • Development of recommendations to improve security
  • Prioritization of recommended solutions 
  • Preparation of full Security Assessment Report

With a detailed report and recommendations, you have a plan to move forward. Even when a business does not utilize our services, addressing professional security recommendations leads to reduced insurance premiums and cost savings.

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Daytime Assessment

At this stage of the assessment, our specialists meet with your team to discuss any specific concerns you have. We utilize a structured, formal process that allows us to learn more about your business and its operating conditions.  Additionally, we work to gain a deeper understanding of your operations to identify unique threats. 

Then, we conduct a perimeter analysis of your site. This allows us to identify vulnerable areas, such as openings in fences or weaknesses in any barriers. We also look at the positioning of any cameras you have on-site to evaluate coverage.

on-site security assessment
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Nighttime Assessment

Part two of our on-site security assessment takes place overnight. At this time, we examine your lightning system to identify dark spots on the site. Additionally, we monitor and assess nighttime activity to evaluate threat levels. 

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Why Do You Need an On-Site Security Assessment?

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