Why Are Convenience Stores Easy Targets For Robberies?

Convenience store robberies

Convenience store robberies continue to rise. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Justice, they account for 6% of reported robberies. Why are convenience stores such common targets, though? 

Rising crime rates and the risk of robbery mean that convenience store owners need to take safety and security seriously. Below, we highlight some of the statistics and look at how owners can improve safety for their stores, employees, and customers. 

Convenience Store Robberies: Why They Are Easy Targets

Convenience stores have a higher risk of robbery compared to other retail stores. There are several reasons for this: 

  • Hours of operation 
  • Location
  • Lack of security measures
  • Staff working alone
  • Cash on hand 
  • Size of the store

A robbery is a traumatizing experience for the employee and any innocent bystanders. Unfortunately, they can result in thousands of dollars in damage, exceeding the amount of cash lost. To offset these damages, owners may have to increase their operating expenses. 

Finding affordable ways to deter robberies can keep your store and employees safe. However, it’s important to understand which factors increase the risk of robbery. Understanding the causes can help you determine the best solution for your store. 

Operating Hours

Operating hours contribute to convenience store robberies. A multi-state study of these robberies shows that longer hours of operation increase the risk of robbery. The longer the store stays open, the higher the likelihood of periods with reduced staff. Then, the chances of a robbery rise. 


Location has a direct impact on whether a convenience store is likely to be a target. For instance, highly populated areas have more foot traffic. This makes the store a less likely target. 

On the other hand, areas with less foot traffic are at more risk because there’s a lower chance of witnesses or quick police response. 

Wondering how many robberies go unsolved? About 70% of convenience store robberies have no resolution. Even in these areas, certain security measures, such as cameras, can deter crime or give police the evidence necessary to solve a robbery case. 

why are convenience stores easy targets for robberies

Cash on Hand

How much money is in the register and how you handle cash can impact your risk of robbery. Keeping less cash on hand can reduce crime rates. Look at the amount of cash your store typically needs and adjust your cash flow. 

Size of the Store

The size of a convenience store can affect robbery rates. Smaller stores have a higher risk compared to larger chain stores and franchises. Additionally, the layout has an impact, especially if safes are visible. 

Other factors to consider include: 

  • Bad lighting
  • Blind spots 
  • Low visibility

How Convenience Store Robberies Impact the Business

Robberies impact convenience stores in many different ways. For instance, the victims can experience PTSD and emotional trauma. Beyond the psychological impact, there is cash stolen and property damage. 

  • Property Damage: Typically, these robberies involve someone trying to get in and out quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Property damage can cost even more than direct cash loss, affecting inventory and damage to cash registers, windows, or doors. 
  • Revenue & Inventory: This depends on what they steal: inventory or cash. Either way, it impacts your revenue and makes it more difficult to keep the store afloat. 
  • Community: Your community feels the impact of a robbery, too. If they feel unsafe, you can lose rapport with neighbors and lose customers as well. 
  • Well-being & Safety: Robberies are traumatic, and employees may no longer feel safe. If one happens, try to support your team as much as possible. 

how to improve security at a convenience store

How to Improve Security in a Convenience Store

There are several ways to improve the safety and security of your store. 

  • Adjust your hours of operation
  • Change the staff schedule
  • Invest in security cameras 
  • Hire a security guard company that specializes in retail security
  • Train your employees on safety practices
  • Reduce blind spots

These are just a few options to consider. A reliable security company can also help you understand the risks and find the best solutions for your business. 

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