Retail Security Houston Stores Depend On

24 & 7 Security offers retail security Houston stores trust. With our personalized solutions, we offer protective services and loss prevention for retailers of all sizes. With the rise of online shopping, brick-and-mortar spaces rely on an impeccable guest experience. 

Oftentimes, this translates to an increased focus on a safe, secure environment for shopping. With our experience and expertise, we bring peace of mind to store owners and shoppers alike. When you partner with our team, you gain highly trained, monitored security guards that you can depend on. 

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A Superior Retail Experience in a Secure Environment

When you partner with us for retail security, Houston becomes a little bit safer. With a consistent visible presence, our security guards act as ambassadors for your property. Open, accessible, and ready to assist the public, they provide directions and guidance to customers whenever necessary. 

Additionally, high visibility and the ability to track customer touchpoints help to deter undesirable activity on the premises. This ensures a safer shopping experience for your clientele. From shopping malls and department stores to strip malls and independent shops, we cater our solutions to meet your specific needs. 

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Industrial Facility Security That Works For You

Security Challenges Retailers Face

With our retail security, Houston businesses gain an advantage against the unique threats faced by the industry. The retail industry faces an array of challenges. In order to mitigate these risks and enhance the experience in your store, you need a comprehensive security plan. 

  • Shoplifting: Deter shoplifters with highly visible, active guards.
  • Internal Theft: Mitigate internal theft with a loss prevention strategy. 
  • Remote Monitoring: We ensure your security guards stay active with GPS monitoring. 
  • Emergency Response Times: Retail spaces face a high risk of armed robbery preventable with increased response times. 
  • Staff Protection: Protect employees and shoppers with personalized security solutions. 
  • Intruders: Prevent unwanted guests from gaining access to secure areas. 

Mobility: Mobile patrols stay on the move for active monitoring across broad areas.

Protect Your Investment

With retail security Houston businesses trust, you have someone to remain vigilant over your business. Backed by training from special forces veterans on our core team, we equip our guards with the skills necessary to manage any space. 

Operating throughout the Greater Houston Area, our security guards are highly experienced and reliable. We strive to maintain a higher standard for safety when it comes to your employees and customers. 

When you schedule a security assessment with our team, we work to understand your concerns and identify potential threats. From there, we offer personalized solutions to meet those challenges head-on. To learn more about how you can gain peace of mind, call our team today.