Top Benefits of Security Guards

Are you curious about the benefits of security guards at your company? Do you have a team to protect your business? If not, it may be time to reconsider. 

About 10% of all businesses suffer from burglaries every year. That says nothing of other crimes, such as robbery, vandalism, and assault. Unfortunately, moments like these make owners realize how beneficial a security presence is. 

Whether you need to protect your assets or want to make a statement to your clients about your security, there are several benefits to having a presence on-site. 

Let’s take a look. 

1. Mobile Presence

One of the main benefits of security guards over a system is that guards are mobile. While it’s possible to have several camera feeds set up, an actual person is able to shine light into dark corners, look behind walls and objects, and pursue suspicious individuals. 

Mobile guards are more of a threat to potential criminals than mounted cameras. Something as simple as a mask can hide an identity from a camera. However, a real guard presents a much greater threat of confrontation. 

2. Credibility

In unfortunate situations, guards serve as credible witnesses in addition to reporting crimes to the authorities. Security guards are third-party professionals able to provide valuable evidence to cases. 

From details about violent individuals to identifying suspects (and everything in between), you have a witness you can trust. Additionally, a third-party guard is able to step in and prevent a “he said, she said” situation in which two parties have different versions of events.

3. Support for Clients & Employees

Regarding inter-office relationships, security guards can help keep the peace. Whether an employee has a stalker or ex who bothers them, the guard can provide a buffer. 

Additionally, they are a trustworthy presence on-site to help customers or visitors with directions or assistance. 

One of the core benefits of security guards is their ability to help you avoid violent reactions and promote peace on the property. 

4. Deterrence

Deterrence of criminal activity is one of the most substantial benefits of security guards. With limited exceptions, people prefer to stay out of prison. This feeling means they don’t want to be caught committing a crime. 

When you have a guard present, you have a continued presence to deter criminal activity. Often, criminals think twice when they see a guard monitoring a property. Moreover, this extends beyond robbery to vandalism, assault, and other types of crime. 

Crime rates vary greatly across the Greater Houston Area, so it’s important to have an effective level of deterrence. For example, an armed or unarmed guard can mean the difference between continued vandalism and a clean site. 

5. Rapid Response

A regular presence on-site means you have an immediate response to activity. Property owners rarely stay on-site 24/7. So, a security detail is able to monitor what you cannot. 

Rapid response is among the core benefits of security guards. Moreover, it is crucial throughout the day. For instance, an unhappy employee or customer may cause a scene and intend to return after hours. 

With the presence of a guard, you have someone to respond to both situations. In turn, they minimize damage to your property and your staff. 

Considering Increased Security?

As you consider the benefits of security guards, it’s essential to understand the potential threats in your area and on your property. At 24 & 7 Security & Investigations, we provide on-site security assessments, allowing us to personalize your security plan. 

Are you ready to gain peace of mind? Do you need to protect your property? Contact our security experts today to learn more about the benefits of a trained team.