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Armed Security Guards in Houston, TX

When you need armed security guards Houston businesses rely on, trust the team at 24/7 Security. With advanced training and skills, our security guards protect your assets. Call 713-247-9093 for a quote today.
A state-of-the-art alarm system is a great way to monitor your business, personnel, and property. With a robust system, you might feel confident in the security of your site. However, they aren’t always enough.
Day to day, we face numerous unique risks. As a business owner, you need to consider every option for security. With armed security guards, Houston businesses have an effective means to secure and protect valuable assets.

Your Best Defense: 24/7 Security

At 24/7 Security & Investigations, we have decades of experience providing armed security guards to Houston businesses. Across a broad range of industries, we help business owners protect what matters most to them.
For armed security guards, Houston trusts our security company because we have the experience and expertise they need. Among our core team, we work with veterans who have advanced special forces training.
Every guard we work with benefits from the key insights and expertise they share. With intensive, unique training, our guards offer business owners the peace of mind they need. When you want to feel confident in your security, call on the best in the industry.
From short-term assistance and event security to long-term monitoring and mobile patrol, we personalize your security plan to meet your needs. When we partner with you, we strive to exceed your goals for security. With proper training, our guards know when to apply force. While we never desire the use of force, they know when to do what is necessary to protect your business.
For armed security guards, Houston looks to 24/7 Security. Business owners know our guards for their quality service, professionalism, and effectiveness. Call today for a personalized quote.

Armed Security Personnel in Houston, TX

Your business and your employees require protection. When you need to protect your most valuable assets, no amount of security is too much. This is especially true when you face a high-level threat or an unforeseen tragedy.
Never leave your security in the hands of the inexperienced. Moreover, don’t rely solely on an alarm system.
As one of the premier Houston security companies, we personalize our security plans to meet your unique needs. With clients from an array of industries, we provide the best in unarmed and armed security guards. Houston businesses rely on our team for protection for a reason.
We hold our team members to a higher standard and offer unique, comprehensive training that prepares them for any situation. When you want peace of mind, trust our team to provide the security solution you need.

Schedule a Security Assessment

Do you want to protect your business? Are you looking for armed security guards Houston trusts? Schedule a security assessment with our team today to receive a quote.
When you work with our specialists, we partner with you to address your security needs and concerns. Moreover, we identify potential issues and challenges and offer solutions.
When you want to protect your business, it’s important to understand the risks. Are you ready to improve your security? Call713-247-9093 today for a personalized quote.