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The primary duties of 24 & 7 Security & Investigations security guards on apartment private security patrol is to ensure the safety of the apartment complex and the people living and working there. Isn’t it? Isn’t that what you expect from security companies?

But, is that it? No, of course not! There’s more to the responsibilities of our security guards on apartment security patrol. Are you aware of what they are? If not, well, here’s your chance to find out a little more about what you can expect.

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8 Duties of our Guards On Apartment Private Security Patrol

Checking in/out the visitors is one of the main responsibilities of our security guards positioned at the entrance & exits of the complex. With the help of a visitor management system integrated into the mobile patrol app of our guards, it allows them to effortlessly capture information of the visitors. This, in turn, helps to eliminate waiting lines, reduce security breaches, & even improve visitor service just with a smart visitor management system.
Security guards need not always have to be on patrol to ensure the safety of everyone. Some guards are assigned stationary positions to monitor CCTV cameras and alarms. It requires them to be exceedingly observant with a high level of concentration. Because on witnessing something suspicious, it’s their responsibility to communicate it to the guards on apartment security patrol to respond to it. And in times of emergency, they are the ones required to call for assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services. If your complex needs CCTV Cameras, we work with reputable contractors to solve this need.
24 7 security really comes into play with parking lots. Parking lots are often the hotspots for criminal activities, especially when they aren’t well lit and patrolled by professional security guards. Therefore, guards on apartment security patrol also play a critical role in preventing & identifying potential threats not just on the premises but also in the parking lots. Depending on the size of the premises and the parking lot, security guards can either patrol on foot or vehicle. Though, Plaza Protection offers separate & customizable security services as per the requirement of the clients.
In order to deter & eliminate threats or even crimes, security guards on apartment security patrol needs to remain as visible as possible. It’s one of the greatest ways that are often enough to ward off petty criminals looking to invade the apartments that need protection. Since security guards are specifically trained for this very purpose, they are always watching out for suspicious activities that could indicate harm.
There are always going to be situations that will require the immediate presence of security guards on-site to resolve the issue. For times like those, and especially while responding to duress alarms, it becomes their responsibility to respond quickly & correctly with excellent skills. By assessing the situation, guards can find the best way to handle the situation or call the dispatch center for help to limit the danger to the people in the vicinity.
Reporting every incident on-site is a huge part of the job of every guard on apartment security patrol. It’s one of the reasons why security guards are expected to provide detailed reports, but that’s not enough. These reports should be as factual as possible and written in a professional language, with videos, photos, or audio files attached to further make it accountable. After all, they might be used in court to convict a criminal one day or help law enforcement officials find the criminals sooner.
Today, all thanks to the ever-growing & evolving technology coordinating with the management for guards on apartment security patrol have become easier. At Plaza Protection we have equipped our security guards with a mobile patrol app that allows them to not just coordinate with the management and receive post orders, acknowledge company policies, etc but also interact freely with fellow guards on post-site in real-time through messages, videos, photos, and audio files.
One of the main responsibilities of guards on apartment security patrol is also to interact with the law enforcement officials whenever required. The reason being security guards have certain legal limitations that don’t give them the authority to deal with a number of situations. Which is why they need to summon the law enforcement officials and update them on the incident immediately. So, are you looking forward to hiring guards for apartment security patrol? If yes, how can we help?